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Google launches free version of Stadia and gives you two months trial of video games


Google’s cloud gaming service is open to all French internet users who are confined with a nice gift: two months of Stadia Pro free for any subscription to the service. What to look after during confinement, since nine video games, including excellent titles, are available free of charge.

This may be the real start for Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service. A few months after the chaotic launch of its paid offer, the web giant has just announced the launch of the free version, an exit released a few weeks earlier to entertain confined gamers.

Starting at 6 p.m. this Wednesday, April 8, and gradually over the next 48 hours, Stadia will be accessible to all owners of a Gmail address. And it’s a pretty good plan, because Google is offering two months of Stadia Pro to everyone, which includes access to a selection of games.

Just go to Stadia.com to register. Of course, you will need to enter your credit card number in order to take advantage of the service, but your account will only be debited at the end of the two-month period if you wish to keep Stadia Pro. It’s easy to cancel the subscription with a few clicks from the settings.

A cool selection of nine free games

Stadia Pro, normally billed at 9.99 euros per month, includes free access to a selection of video games, which evolve each month. From this evening, you will therefore be able to enjoy the games listed below for free for two months. A varied selection, ranging from FPS “AAA” (Destiny) to motor racing (GRID) via some undesirable pearls (the excellent SteamWorld Dig 2), or the ideal party game for a local multiplayer game session (Spitlings). This list should logically be completed next month with other free titles, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Free games for two months

  • Destiny 2: The Collection
  • GRID
  • Gylt
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech
  • Serious Sam Collection
  • Spitlings
  • Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks)
  • Thumper

Your account will also allow you to purchase games on the platform. All the titles you have acquired will remain accessible to you even if you decide to stop the “Pro” subscription after two months. But beware, games are often more expensive on Stadia than the competition…

Other important information: if you have already paid for Stadia and then canceled your subscription, you can take advantage of this offer again, open to everyone. Current Stadia Pro subscribers will not be billed for two months.

No 4K yet

Please note, this two-month free Stadia Pro lacks an important function: game streaming is limited to 1080p and sixty frames per second … and not 4K, as the subscription provides. Google explains that it took this decision to avoid cluttering the network, which is particularly stressed during this period of confinement.

Remember that you can use Stadia on your PC or Mac via Chrome and on one of the compatible Android mobiles. To play, just connect a controller (those of the PS4, Xbox 360 or One will do the trick, but more exotic models too) or a mouse / keyboard pair in Bluetooth or USB to your computer or mobile. It is also possible to play on your TV via a Chromecast Ultra … with a big downside: the only controller compatible in this configuration is the Stadia Controller, which you probably do not have.

Never mind: if the streaming video game tempts you, or if you dream of immersing yourself in one of the games offered, do not hesitate to try the experience.

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